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Take That Concert 2nd JUly

Well it is now 8 days ago that I went to see these 5 lovely men from Manchester, but the memories of the concert, are still in my mind It was the 2nd day of our journey to the south of england and we arrived at noon at our hotel, but we were told that our room was not ready yet, so we decided to take the tube and go to the city of LOndon, to meet up with friends that were also going to the concert in the evening, we met up at piccadilly circus, and went into a coffee bar, there we talked and ate and drink and afterwards we said good bye and returned to the hotel, there we "dressed up" for the concert and then started soon to wembley stadium, we walked because the wembley stadium wasn't that far away,(we thought )because we saw it from our hotel. after 45 minutes we arrived and were starstrucked by the stadium,there were already a lots of people there and it was already breath taking. when we arrived finally at our seats, in front of b stage and main stage, we just enjoyed the atmosphere and the joy in the air, in that stadium. when the pet shop boys entered the stage the audience was already screaming, dancing and shouting, I have never experienced sth. like that before it was so intense. when gary, howard,jay and mark finally appeared on stage, it was just fantastic, seeing them having so much fun, loved shine and greatest day best, from the part as 4 member Take THat, then Rob came and the crowd nearly exploded, rob was so impressed and started crying, when he sang come undone. and THEN FINALLY the moment came, I waited 15 years for, Take THat back as 5 piece, I didn'T cry,like I had expected, I just smiled like mad and was just lucky to see them together again, enjoying the show so much as we did and I really have to say,it was one of the best shows I ever saw from them!!!!! I am really looking forward to the other concerts in Amsterdam, Hamburg and Duesseldorf. The fun only just started for me I think

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