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The South of England 1st July-9th July 2011

On board: Doris, Olli and "Einling" (in my tummy) 1st day: very early start to Duinkerk at 6 am, there we catched the ferry to dover, on the ferry we got to know some lovely english people, who just returned from a journey to the Netherlands, arrived in Dover at 2 pm english time then we drove by car to Canterbury, and stayed there for one night, ate my first Banoffee pie and loved it, and we visited the cathedral, that was really impressive. :D 2nd day: next stop London, in the evening we went to see Take That on their "Progress live" tour and loved every second, met up with some friends , short before the concert, was really funny 3rd day: visited some celtic graves and a very weird hill in the afternoon we arrived at mc donalds spa hotel bath, and enjoyed swimming pool and jacuzzi, ate my first lamb there and loved it. 4th day: our journey took us to the sea now, to lynton, there we also visited lynmouth, which is "upstairs" to lynton enjoyed the lovely view around the sea and the cliffs, but no bathing possible, only barefeet in the water, but was really lovely too 5th and 6th day: drove over to Penzance at the Atlantic coast, with view to St.Michaels Mount, stayed there for 2 nights and met really lovely people there. during these 2 days we visited glastonbury tor, tintagel castle, st. ives and Lands Ends. Lands end was really breath taking marking the geographical border of England, but no sighting of seals or dolphins We thought about visiting the Isle of Scilly too, but was really expensive, so we decided to leave it. 7th day: Eden Project was our destination today, there are 3 giant green-/glasshouses, 2 of them with lots of plants from the Mediterranean area and the Tropical Rainforest, with temperatures between 30 and 35°C it felt like summer in the afternoon we drove to our hotel and enjoyed the swimming-pool there again and nice food but haunch of lamb is not my taste 8th day: today we've been to Stonehenge and I was really, really disappointed and didn't like it much. too many tourists, no mystic atmoshere afterwards we drove to our last hotel of the journey, this time in winchester, there we visited the cathedral and the grave of Jane Austen and then we went for a bit of shopping, and yes I like Primark 9th day: started to dover, this time we changed the coasts by train, through the "Eurotunnel" drove then back to Germany and entered France, Belgium and Netherlands. All in All: We saw a lot but didn't relax, but we loved it

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